The Electric Goddess

This was inspired by a father's love for his daughter's safety fueled by the desire to be a baddass!

The Büber is Here!

Just finished this bad boy! Equipped with a sissy seat and USB charger, friends and I will ride in style this year at Burning Man! Want one? I can help!


Welcome to my personal blog, portfolio site and virtual den! Some good-to-knows: I tend to write better than I communicate especially around new people. I love to discuss controversial topics but I'll respect your views. You have permission to tell me to fak off if you can prove me to be you. I love bikes, music and technology. I look forward to sharing my work with you! Enjoy your visit cuz we're gonna have some fun! -Rev.

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Spreading the gospel of truth and having a good time takes money! Check out some of the apparel matched to Churchcast themes!


I do a lot of other things in life. Did you know that I love to make chocolate among other things? Check out some of my zany creations!