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Soulo Thursday w/ The Soul Brothers @ TGN 8/15/2019

What an exciting time it is! The Rev. and Friends are doing our first community event, Soulo Thursday, August 15, 2019 featuring THE SOUL BROTHERS from Puebla, Mexico. The guys at The Great Northern wanted to do a Thursday community event so I was all about it. It’s certainly a risk considering how many people have moved out of the city but someone has to take it. Please do come out (or buy tickets anyways) so that we can continue to do more local community experiences. There are a few discounted community tickets available now! Claim them now here!

I started promoting events in Dallas, TX in 1992 under the banner “e-Productions.” It was the time of my life and something I’ve really have missed doing. I enjoy hosting events that create positive shared experiences amongst friends. This event is associated with Solonomo, local deep house fans who getting together during the week to enjoy curated experiences amongst passionate peers. Solonomo is our way of saying “Tu Non Solum” (You’re never alone). <3 We discovered The Soul Brothers on a January night in Tulum. We tried to get in but the show was sold out for a while. Who on earth were these guys? Being the persistent one, I suggested we go to PPP to pay at the door. No bueno. No guey. Our names weren’t down and we weren’t getting in. The only option? Go around! We found a hole in a neighboring fence and started to hear the music. It was deep and throaty, sexy and melodic. I was getting excited….and then we were caught and sent back packing. Oh well. They were worth a try! Suffice it to say, we decided to bring them here to perform a LONG set and make it up to them. 😉

Check out this sexy track by The Soul Brothers of Talavera Records, Mexico!

The Rev. Hooman

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