Rev. Hooman | Deep House Yoga | Therapy Session Seven


The Rev.

This session was recorded live at Deep House Yoga at Yoga Flow in San Francisco on September 28, 2018. There are a few very magic moments that you’ll enjoy tuning into. Please enjoy your practice with this 2 hour set! Namaste!

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-={ Tracklist }=-
Lerr – Phylum (Estray Remix)
Estray – Mundo Do Coco (Original Mix)
Sabo – Open Up the Channel (Original Mix)
Wisqo – Farres (Hrag Mikkel Remix)
Massimo Lippoli – Dougne Te Soye (Original Mix)
Kermesse – Nostalgia (Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder Remix)
Claudio Ricci – Yano (Brigado Crew)
Blond:ish – Jupiter & Jaguar (Original Mix)
Jos & Eli – Tanzania (Blond:Ish Remix)
Soul Of Void – Dahab (Elfenberg Remix)
Borzoo – Seagulls Tripping On Acid (Alberto Jossue Dub Comedown Mix)
Amonita – Orchid (Original Mix)
Nico Stojan – Born and Raised (Be Svendsen Remix)
Haunted Water – Desert Hunt (Mose Robert Remix)
Armando Letico – Tamshiyacu Tahuayo (Hobta Remix)
Cosmic Awakenings – Vida (Steffen Kirchhoff Revision)
GYRL – Night Writer (Reanimated Mix)
Tante Dante & Sebastian Dali – Adadabasda (Original Mix)
Geju – Tony Joe White – The Flood (Geju edite)
Paulor – Neblina (Original Mix)
Kenneth James Gibson – Fields Of Everything (Original Mix)
Gas – Rausch 4 (Original Mix)
Peabird – A Journey Into Sound Intro Tool (Original Mix)
Unders – Syria (Satori Remix)

The Rev. Hooman

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